LPG Conversions

AUTOGAS is the term generally used for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) when it is used as a fuel to power road vehicles. It is obtained as a by-product of crude oil and from 'wet' North sea gas. It is produced in large quantities and a surplus of approximately 4 million tonnes per annum is currently available from the North sea alone. This surplus is forecast to increase over the next 20 years.

A Gas (LPG) conversion will provide you with huge savings on your fuel bill, it will cut the cost of your fuel by up to 50% and more by converting your petrol engine vehicle to run on a much cheaper, cleaner and greener alternative fuel. Lower costs and lower harmful emissions. By converting your vehicle to AUTOGAS, you are also providing the use of either gas or petrol at the flick of a switch.

AUTOGAS continues to grow in popularity as fleet owners and private motorists realise the substantial benefits to be gained from converting their vehicles to use this economical and environmentally friendly fuel. Fuel that doesn't cost the earth!

AUTOGAS is not a new fuel, it was used 30 years ago by the taxis .Our European neighbours have also made use of AUTOGAS for decades. Italy, France and Holland are large users as are Australia and Japan. Holland and Japan have 1.5 million vehicles running on AUTOGAS on their roads. In the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama of Japan they have serious pollution problems, over 90% of all taxis in Japan are powered by AUTOGAS and throughout the world there are at least 4 million in use.

The AUTOGAS conversions of today make use of all the latest technology available, making use of sophisticated electronics, enabling accurate control of the fuel, therefore
producing performance with economy.

Advantages of an AUTOGAS conversion are :-

It will provide a BI-Fuel engine able to run on gas or petrol at the flick of a switch.
The cost of your fuel will be reduced by up to half and possibly more.
Your vehicle will maintain good engine performance, and it will also extend the life of your engine due to the absence of acids and carbon deposits.
It will significantly reduce pollutant exhaust emissions.
Equipment may be removed and re-installed in future vehicles with minimal adaption.
It is kinder to your car, there is minimal sooty residue build up in your engine and as AUTOGAS burns more evenly your engine will run more quietly and smoothly.
AUTOGAS was the only fuel to benefit from a price reduction in the 1999 budget.
The Fuel of the future on sale today!
AUTOGAS users include Her Majesty the Queens Rolls Royce's and Prince Phillips taxi; official vehicles used by the Prime Minister and John Prescot. Local authorities including St Helens, Wigan, Humberside Police to name a few.

Major oil company's such as Shell, Esso, BP and Jet are investing heavily in installing AUTOGAS pumps on their filling stations around the country providing an improved country wide network of fuelling points.


Whether you are a private motorist or business user, our high level of personal service, quality craftsmanship and over a decade of experience with gas powered vehicles enables us to provide quality solutions and guarantee customer satisfaction. We may not always be the cheapest. We are, always the best!

All our work and materials are gauranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

A test drive is the best way to assess an AUTOGAS conversion, which is fully automated and therefore the driver has no need to control the system. You will be impressed!

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